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Customer Satisfaction
We work really hard to accurately present our merchandise and, as a result, have served over 3,500 satisfied customers (many repeat!) with very few returned items.
We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we encourage you to ask any questions you might have before you buy. You can use our "contact us" page or email direct at
Warranty / Return Policy Specifics
Unless otherwise stated, everything vintage we sell is in uncirculated condition, commonly referred to as NOS (New Old Stock). We do not clean, polish, or wash beads, pendants, charms, etc. Vintage brass, for instance, usually has a "patina" from aging. Some buyers like this, others prefer to we leave the decision to you. We recommend that you rinse ALL plastic and glass beads.
You may sometimes find minor flaws or imperfections on vintage items, however these are not considered defects. Our Czech glass buttons are handmade and may have slight imperfections on the back edge due to the molding process. We carefully inspect and sort incoming shipments and will never deliberately sell defective merchandise.
Please keep in mind that computer monitor settings vary so the color of the item(s) you receive may not "match" your monitor settings.
We allow returns if:
(1) Item is significantly not as described.
(2) Item is defective (see above).
If you should receive something you think is not as described or is seriously defective, please contact us immediately at to request a Return Authorization Code (RAC).
All returned merchandise must be received in original condition, with our RAC clearly noted on the front of the package, within 14 days of when the authorization code is issued. We do not accept returned packages without this code.
All other returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, depending on the reason for your return.
All returns, for any reason, are limited to thirty (30) days. Shipping and handling charges are not reimbursed unless the reason for your return is the result of an error on our part.
Product Availability
Because many of the items we sell are unique, vintage, and/or otherwise limited in availability, we reserve the right to limit quantities. Items are only removed from our computer inventory system when you complete our checkout process. Putting something on a shopping "cart" or shopping "list" without completing the checkout process, in other words, means that someone else may still purchase the item(s).
In the event we mess up (Oops! Hate it when that happens!) and do not have something in stock, we will let you know and issue a refund (with our sincerest apologies!).

Please note that re-stocked items, especially plastic lucite flower and leaf beads, may not be an exact color match for previously purchased product. We have no control over the color saturation for new product runs. We do our best to post accurate photos. (See note above regarding computer monitor settings.)
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