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"How do I know your site is secure?"
Our site is SSL encrypted to meet the highest standards in the industry so you can shop with confidence. Don't know the difference between real and fake SSL certification logos? Just click on ours! I've come across several sites with legit-looking SSL logos...only to click on them and discover they are non-functional. It's very easy, of course, for someone to "photoshop" a fake SSL certificate. Don't be fooled!

"How much do you charge for shipping?"
We have a separate page for shipping information here:

"I'm a return customer. Where's all your stuff?"
We're currently "remodeling" and have literally thousands of products offline at the moment. If you don't find what you're looking for, please shoot us an email.
"Do you offer wholesale discounts?"
Sorry but at this time, we do not offer wholesale discounts. You can follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to learn about sales. 
"Can I visit your showroom when I visit my aunt in Florida next month?"
We do not have a retail store, however we sell our handmade jewelry at local markets and arts/crafts shows. More info here: We also post updates of our schedule on our Facebook page. We do not sell jewelry-making supplies at these events.
"Can I just phone my order in?"
Our apologies for any inconvenience but we do not have the resources to handle phone orders. If you have questions about anything, please jot us a note, with your phone number, and we'll be happy to return your call: We understand that sometimes people aren't comfortable placing an order on a website that does not list a phone number. However when we previously published our phone number, we ended up on every telemarketing list in the country. We can assure you...we're real!
"Do I need a PayPal account to shop with you?"
Nope! We gladly accept all major credit cards from all buyers. If you have a PayPal account, you can use our "Express" checkout.
"What is your return policy?"
We're pretty picky regarding what we sell and try really (REALLY!) hard to please our customers, but sometimes "stuff" happens so if there are any problems with your order, please let us know right away so we can work with you to get it resolved. More info here:
"I don't think I'm ready to check out yet. Can I save my cart?"
Well yes...and no. Our system will automatically empty your shopping cart after 30 days. However, if you set up an account, you can create a shopping LIST which functions as your "wish" list. You control how long items are stored on your shopping list. You can also create more than one list and you can even share your shopping lists with others. Just items are removed from our inventory system until you complete the checkout process. (Something you might want to keep in mind since some of our items are limited in quantity or are one of a kind.) Not sure your order went through? If your order/payment was accepted, you will get an automatically-generated email from our system.
"How do I know the item I've bought is really vintage?"
When we describe something as "vintage," it is, to the best of our knowledge, at least 20 years old. We have done business with most of our vendors for many years and consider them to be reputable dealers. "NOS" means "new old stock" or newly-found, uncirculated (not used) vintage items. Everything we do is with the utmost of integrity so if you think we've erroneously described something as "vintage", please let us know with more information so we can investigate! We're not perfect...but we sure try!
"Y'all seem awfully 'folksy.' How do I know you're a serious business?"
We're very serious about what we do here, but we believe that commitment to customer service and fun are not necessarily exclusive to each other. So...we try to make your shopping experience FUN! See what our customers are saying here:
"I didn't see my question answered here. How do I contact you?"