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Now celebrating 12 years in business! We opened on eBay in 2002 and have many of our first customers still shopping with us. (Please note that we are not affiliated with Knotsngems. We were here first!) We specialize in personalized customer service and excel in FUN! In fact, if you don't have fun shopping with us and giggle out loud at least once, please let us know and we'll try harder.
Our store is always eclectic ("We search the world over...!"), often quirky ("Yeah, baby!"), usually fun ("Woohoo!"), and constantly changing ("What's new, pussycat?") so we hope you will return often to see what's new and fun and quirky!
Please check our "Frequently Asked ?s" link for lots of helpful information before you shop:
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Thanks for stopping by!
Mary and Jim Roberts
Gulfport, FL